The Modern Monastery

Could the terms of Christianity, if put into practice build the ideal life? Remove all prejudice, and take that path most direct to improve the human lot. The Christian Community, was the fundamental object of Jesus Christ. If it is eternal salvation you may wish to reconsider.

With all the modern tools at our disposal we could build something that would become an economic phenomena for good and spiritual well being. 

What I suggest is that the monastic model  of St Benedict be modified and applied to a new society. Through history monastic orders have had great success. In fact in recent history the united society of believers (shakers) was a great enterprise that gave many people happy Christian lives in common.   

The evolution of the Christian community is a very close approximation to the path that Christ has directed us to.  

Community was the central theme of Christianity, why do we not apply this principal in earnest?  People working together building  sound economic, ascetic communities dedicated to compassion for our fellow man. A well educated advanced social system loosely patterned by the rule of St Benedict.

If you have interest in this concept, or just wish to make a comment please join in.

  "The new testament declares law to have failed, frees man from its dominion and in its stead preaches the kingdom of grace to be won by faith, love of neighbor and entire sacrifice of self. This is the path or redemption from the evil of the world the spirit of the new testament is undoubtedly asceticism... " Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)