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Illiterate ? What if only the 1% could read.



History is our tree of life. We pay too little attention to it, we repeat our mistakes, and as we technically progress we fail culturally.
So much of history will never be unearthed, and much of history is myth. We can see our present time connected to history as with strings that tie  who we are and how we behave to our past. If we get our history wrong we get ourselves wrong 
Its up to individual faith to decide what version of history to accept. Our truth is best un-veiled with a combination of dedicated study and honesty. Each one of us is made from 4.5 billion years of effort that holds inside us all the past eternity, and surely the future as well. 


Evolution, Biological... Cultural... Singularity

Unless you are a devout creationist,  you understand and accept the basic concepts of evolution, that nature produces biological change over time.

What most of us don't notice is that evolution is an underlying mechanical aspect of the universe which appears to behave like fractals creating order out of what appears to be the chaotic nature of matter.

Humans create culture, society, and technology, then we examine who we are, and the environment we exist in.

Replace Greed with Charity

"Charity is the great channel," it has been well said, "through which God passes all His mercy upon mankind. For we receive absolution of our sins in proportion to our forgiving our brother. This is the rule of our hopes and the measure of our desire in this world; and on the day of death and judgment, the great sentence upon mankind shall be transacted according to our alms, which is the other part of charity. God himself is love; and very degree of charity that dwells in us is the participation of the divine nature."

Morals and Dogma  VIII Intendant of the Building 


Adam Smith failed to notice that self interest is not the only possible motivator of economic systems. 

The first studies of economics must have been much earlier than our history tells us. The obvious importance of the subject should have caused thinkers of the ages to explain this topic in more detail than what we can see today. We find some banking laws in Deuteronomy  but there is little more said on the subject over these many years.


Richard Carrier - Mystery Cults 2019

Ramban [Nahmanides]

Knowladge of God and the early kabbalah Jonathan Dauber

Disputation_of_Barcelona  (July 20–24, 1263)

Witches & Witchcraft

Jewish Tax Collections

Masonry and Kabbalah


Recent scholarship has dwelled heavily on the Enlightenment presuppositions of the Lodge, and one would imperil one’s good sense to contradict that. But elements of contemporary culture, some of which touch on the spiritual themes of the Lodge have led current scholarship into what might be called a misunderstanding. This is especially true of the vast subject of Kabbalah and its relationship to the development of Masonic ritual. William Preston was so impressed with Kabbalistic themes that he has been appraised as conceiving the Lodge as a “Masonic University” of the “Cabala.”


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