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Bi-polar nature of suffering

The could there be a general trend in suffering as to one life where thare is some balance in suffering?

Naturaly a defence to suffering. Would a traumatized child lead to a less coompasionate nature and therefore a latter adulthood protected by its oun averous. And the reverse say a kind and loving childhood would leave by nature a child predesposed to kindness and compasion and leving it vunerable to social attack and poverty.
The mechanisme we use to impose balance is justice and punishment for the averous and uncompasionate.

Chaos Theory

These theories provide one certainty, that in an expanding and evolving system there is a point where order goes back into chaos. When considering infinity, this would be an infinite state in where the system would fluctuate alternatively form order into chaos and back into order infinitely. Some logic would indicate that chaos and order are one and the same only different states of the same system.

This view would predict that what we today perceive as order will in time fall into what we perceive as chaos.


God Is the Alpha and Omega

What is God ?

If in Christianity God is understood by way of the Trinity. Then its the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that is described as God. Is everything God? Is it what is good or is it both good and evil?  The fact is that we all have different interpretaions of how we see or do not see God.

Here is the place for you to write your view of this question, in order to grasp what common understanding may be on this topic. Please sign in and place your comment here.    

Trinity of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit

Trinity of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

I think that the basic concept here is that there are three equal parts to exhistance .... you in the soul... the Creator God and Jesus Christ the personification of God on earth. This is mostly a Greek, and  Roman concept and can not as a word "Trinity" be found in the Bible.  

Jesus Christ will say that it is not an equal relation... 

John 14:28

King James Version (KJV)



Leonard Susskind: Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Black Holes | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Free will   37:00  enthropy 41:00

In a deterministic universe, there is no free will, no miracles, and no chance events. Sometimes mental events or "choices" are considered epiphenomena. The classic view of determinism was expressed by Laplace. Given sufficient knowledge of every particle in the universe, any future event or past event could be calculated with exactitude. (Modern psychology takes completely for granted that behavior and neural function are perfectly correlated, that one is completely caused by the other. There is no separate soul or lifeforce to stick a finger into the brain now and then and make neural cells do what they would not otherwise. Actually, of course, this is a working assumption only....It is quite conceivable that someday the assumption will have to be rejected. But it is important also to see that we have not reached that day yet: the working assumption is a necessary one and there is no real evidence opposed to it. Our failure to solve a problem so far does not make it insoluble. One cannot logically be a determinist in physics and biology, and a mystic in psychology. - D. O. Hebb, Organization of Behavior: A Neuropsychological Theory, 1949).


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