Epistle to the Romans - Jews were culturally Greek

from... http://www.livius.org/di-dn/diaspora/rome.html

Most of the 534 names on the inscription are Greek: 405 (76%). 123 people (23%) had a Latin name, whereas the remaining 5 inscriptions show Hebrew, Aramaean and hybrid names.

This confirms that most Roman Jews were culturally Greek, not Latins. Another argument for the Greek orientation of Roman Judaism can be found in the letter that the Christian teacher Paul wrote to the Roman Christians: he gives his regards to 18 people with a Greek name, 4 Latins and 2 Hebrews (Epistle to the Romans 16.5-16).

The attitudes of the non-Jewish Romans are described by the poet Juvenal. who makes fun of the strange habits of Jews in generalnote and the poverty of the Jews near the Porta Capena in particular.note The accusation of poverty is typical for Greek and Roman anti-Semitism; among the strange habits are the abstinence from pork, the study of the Law of Moses (regarded as a refusal to obey the Roman law), circumcision, anti-social behavior, and the maintenance of the Sabbath (considered to be laziness).