Sex abuse foments aberrant behavior

The basis of what Christ is asking us is the love of others .. defiantly not to be confused with primitive behaviors. The more we protect our children from sexual experiences or even awareness ... the more we end up with fellow adults that can think beyond than rubbing themselves together all day... shallow lives.

On the streets of south America you can see dogs that have no awareness in packs mounting. Do we want this for our selves ?   They live live lives  dominated by sexual behavior.  Humans will do the same if raised this way. I understand that during the mid 1800's  prostitutes would carry a pad to prostitute themselves on the streets ... I believe we all would rather live more fulfilling lives. 

Help for our society and love for God are one and the same. Our formation comes from our Childhood, the escape from our primitive mind and the proper development of our cognitive functions like empathy  are learned behaviors that come early in Childhood.

Sexuality needs not be condemned nor promoted. It is a certain that the rampant visualization of sexual themes for children has become so prevalent in society today.

The old in and out ... its our choice ... we run like pigs and dogs...or abandon the primitive mind for the true love of one another.     

The better we can learn to love with empathy and less rubbing genitalia the better for our own lives...

All desire is suffering after all.  Plus do you really want to be an old woman or man trying to get laid. Trying to be young.  Why would anyone take Viagra? Leave the bone alone Wilma.  See she can't because someone abused her or him when in childhood.

Ok,  I know what you are thinking. Whats wrong with intimacy?  nothing !  But its even nicer if you don't need it. If you do well we do have Viagra. Just know its an addiction like all others. So if you need the junk so be it.          

If you know its an addiction ... would you want your children to to grow up addicted, God does not want you to go out and multiply ... the Master wants more slaves and workers.

Evolution is good ...