The Book of Tephi

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the autobiography of Teia Tephi, the queen of Ireland who lived and ruled in the sixth century B.C. The book contains detailed information about the fall of Jerusalem in c. 588 B.C. and Teia Tephi's subsequent journey to Ireland with Jeremiah the Bible Prophet in 583 B.C.

The Book of Tephi describes in detail the journey Jeremiah took with Teia Tephi from Jerusalem to Ireland, via Tanis in Egypt then on to Gibraltar, Breogan in Spain; Cornwall and eventually landing at Howth on the 18th June 583 B.C. Tephi was escorted to Ireland from Cornwall by Bressail mac Elatha, the son of the ruler of Cornwall, who had been living in Ireland and was the champion of Nuadh of the Silver Hand, king of Ulster.

Teia Tephi was then taken to the Hill of Tara where she married Eochaidh, the Ard ri (high king) of Ireland and was crowned queen of Ireland upon the Lia Fail (Jacob's Pillar / Stone of Destiny) that she brought with her from Jerusalem. She then began re-introducing The Laws that were given by The Ruler of The Universe (God) through His Prophet Moses to the People Israel, of whom the Irish are decended from Dan (Tuatha de Danaan - tribe of Dan [Gen. 30:6]) and the Zarah (of the Red Hand) branch of the tribe of Judah [Gen. 38:27-30].

At that point a number of kings and warlords in the already divided and war-torn country of Ireland rebelled against Tephi, because under The Real Law of The Torah, that she brought, they would have to give back all the wealth that they had un-fairly stolen from the people under their own laws and taxes that they had made up. A huge battle then transpired, known as the Battle of Unna (Destruction), where all of the rebel kings and lords and their armies led by Bressail the son of Elatha of Cornwall, fought against Teia Tephi and her army. As Teia Tephi was fighting for God and His Laws, her army defeated all of the rebels in the battle which was held near Slane.