Egyptian Religion

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Theologians like the Egyptian Priests, and Metaphysicians like Proclus, 
believed firmly in these lunar influences. 
"The Egyptians," says Diodorus Siculus, "acknowledged two great 
gods, the Sun and Moon, or Osiris and Isis, who govern the world and 
regulate its administration by the dispensation of the seasons . . . . 
Such is the nature of these two great Divinities, that they impress an 
active and fecundating force, by which the generation of beings in 
effected; the Sun, by heat and that spiritual principle that forms the 
breath of the winds; the Moon by humidity and dryness; and both by 
the forces of the air which they share in common. By this beneficial 
influence everything is born, grows, and vegetates. Wherefore this whole huge body, in which nature resides, is maintained by the combined action of the Sun and Moon, and their five qualities, - the principles spiritual, fiery, dry, humid, and airy." So five primitive powers, elements, or elementary qualities, are united with the Sun and Moon in the Indian theology, - air, spirit, fire, water, and earth: and the same five elements are recognized by the Chinese.
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