Failure of pastoral responsibility

Few would argue that its was not essential for John Calvin to change church dogma in the 16th century. Also, few would argue that it was wrong for the Church to insist the the earth was at the center of the universe.
From writing the Bible in a common language to the inquisition the Church as always prevented truth and light form shinning through.
Today although we think of ourselves living in a modern liberal era, our Church fails us once again in it's presentation of scripture.  Today this is done with even greater consiquences than before. It is this failure we have alianated the intelect of mankind and preserved its ignorance.
We now find that in order to have people come to our Churches we need to distract them with theatre, ignore deep theological questions, and reality its self. Eventually we will have alianated all but the most ignorant souls form our churches and attracted liars and false amoungst us.  
This is a condition that is caused by dogma and our failure to understand that the word of Christ is fluid, relative to the evolution of mankind.
Do we not recognize that the word of Christ says that we are to come to God through him.  That we are not to accept the dogmatic teachings of priests