Death is the proof of a just God

The aesthetically best choice is the most just, but what do you call just?
The philosophies of reason that made our nation did so by abstracting what it is truth from the rubbish. Truth is easily buried, yet is distinguished by it's luster as separate as the diamond from the dung hill.
Where did we get the ten commandments?  
Laws written by the finger of God on tables of stone which were destroyed by Moses.
The whole of history came from these broken laws,  these books is so defective and doubtful, that it seams vain to attempt this small inquiry into it's tricks.
Extraordinary men evolved more knowledge than could ever be written, yet society stands fast to this biblical dogma.  
Reason has evolved to tell us that anything could be, what were once miracles are now normal day to day events. Christ could have ascended into heaven corporally. God could have wrote them on store.
But is is more like that these are a shamans trick, playing on your fear of the dark, your superstitions.
The dark, Satan, deception, ignorance, and lies challenges the light.  Sophia, wisdom or truth ... reason or faith, our dogma is the illusion.    
The original design was never flawed, the truth does set us free. We are the corrupted cause of the flaw of ignorance, we have given ourselves the wrong instructions, and built a society upon a myth.  
Old age is perfect, and death is as well. For the wise, the desire for life falls at a rate proportional to our approach to death. The good life is one that has no regrets, and we die satisfied with the time had. Life is eternal? To actually prolong this tragedy into eternity, what fools would want this.
Not only is it impossible, but eternal life is a  consequence worse than hell. As long as we have any desire, eternity would be hell, eternally looking to be satisfied. The event of heaven, a satisfaction of all desires, what other word could you have for that other than death.
The clearest demonstration of a just God is death.