Heart of Darkness and a Jefersonian Republic

"The white man's burden" ,  the imperialist call to civilize the uncivilized, was merely a catch phrase for subjugating our fellow man and a method to build empire. Because of empire building, we have now a world network of production and consumption that few people can escape from.  A network that is a burden onto ourselves, we have through the noble call to civilize the uncivilized, enslaved ourselves and built a cage that is difficult  to see and more difficult to get out of.
Christendom hoped to make every man's obligation to love his neighbor, struggle for freedom and to promote equality amongst all. Yet, the western world of today see’s this as a social weakness and instead glorifies an economic system built on greed, and dominance by any means.
From Socrates to Christ the lesson is said and repeated but not heeded. Instead we have ignored these precepts and chosen to work hard at subjugating our fellow man... we have chosen the wrong course.
We have made government into an agency for power, and deception. We created nothing more than a complex tool to take advantage of our neighbors, and of ourselves.
In fact nothing has changed in mans quest for freedom in 3000 years, we still have an aristocracy that rules over it's peasant class. That may never change. What has changed is that we lost the intimate relationship between master/slave and the community that we lived in.
The playground has always belonged to the bullies, but today we work to enslave ourselves. Tribute is paid to our lords without the awareness of slavery. Today’s slaves don’t revolt because they are too busy enslaving themselves buried deep in an illusion of freedom. We champion a neo-Nazi philosophy of will and over compassion, while isolating ourselves within shinny plastic cages. We work toward the illusion of thinking we are superior to those we have made less fortunate. Without even being conscious of it we have left ourselves without family or community, and in a state of ignorance. The bullies we once recalled on that playground have become our unknowable Gods.
You're homes were taken away, and your children taken to war - who is subjugating who?
We have always been slaves, what is sad today is that our masters no longer have the intimate relationship with servitude as they it once had. We have managed to increase our acts slavery, without any responsibility to ourselves. The fear that we have of the Orwellian is not servitude, but the lack of humanity of the a state, as opposed to the human contact to our master.  As dogs miss their masters when placed in a cage, so too we miss ours.
The rivalry between temporal and spiritual powers
We generally hope that our presidents tell us the truth, especially if ling is of no benefit. George Bush Sr. gave his “New World Order Speech” on  Sept 11 1991, It is my opinion that we now live in this this new world order, and it was inevitable.
The noble aspiration, “to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind, peace, security, freedom and the rule of law , such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children's future.”  This part of the plan is faltering and we must be honest to ourselves and sure to follow the correct course, that we may not fail and further enslave ourselves.
This world dominion had its roots in "the white mans burden" or that call to civilize the uncivilized. We should not forget that although good has come of it so too evil comes from it. We now feed and clothe ourselves with the cheap goods of an ongoing slave trade. Life has more stuff, but, if we stand back and look at our situation we not only have cheap underwear but the “ white mans burden” created a mechanism that enslaved us.
We have built a remarkable economic structure that it is almost invisible to us, rather not understood. It is covered with shiny objects that glitter more brightly than our ability to see beyond them. Our greed and shortsightedness created for us a perfect trap.
Can we escape this trap we have made?  We possibly could free ourselves, but we may all be too stupefied to even notice our condition, we may feel too good in our plastic cage, too accustom to the dog food to even notice the lack of humanity that surrounds us.
The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of sound and fury.
Yeats is correct, this is how the world ends when good men do nothing. The elect and saved stand aside while the worst aspects of humanity run ramped over our future.   
If you are an atheist you may have a greater chance of saving us than the good Christian, he may be too saved to have the conviction needed to act and perform to help our sons.
Weather you know this or not we are faced with the choice found by Kurtz, in Heart of Darkness, "exterminate the brutes". We can diligently start with improving the lot that surrounds us or to exterminate yet the brutes are we.
No struggle can be achieved without first becoming aware that there is a problem and second knowing we can not simply pray ourselves out of the problem.
Western religion, your opiate, is about a struggle for individual freedom against the forces of servitude and dominion. Moses declares freedom from Egypt, Daniel from Babylon, and Christ from all oppression.
Today have one single world government, there will be no barbarians at the gates this time, we are the barbarians. We need a savior to save us from ourselves.
The father of our religion Abraham goes to kill his son, our Christian God succeeds and kills his. Abraham is a pimp, David kills his friend for lust, and it goes on and on, story after story of prophets telling a people how to act and they disobeying. It takes not just the likes of Thomas Paine, and Schopenhauer, but any honest thinking mind to see that the Old Testament of our Bible, is an account of what not to do.     
We pray so much and do so little, we the select, and the saved do little for the dying Christ. Today we not only subjugate others but ourselves as well, yet we feel saved.
Your reward is in heaven …  good luck with that!   
15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.    
There is a definite lesson in this passage, and it is best said in the last words of Christ  “God, God why have you forsaken me” and  “forgive them for they know not what they do”  Even the Christians of his time abandoned Christ, would you think we are any better today?
Both Pagan and Christian is forgiven for they do not know what they do. Know what you are doing, don't take life for granted.    
The problem is economic and not religious, yet it is belief that motivates our lives and direction. The problem is structural and not social, yet it is through community and church that we build the structure of our lives. Economics is the architecture of our cage and economics is the way to freedom. Going to work all week, a little charity on Saturday, then church on Sunday will never improve the condition we are in. You need to recognize that the days you spend working for the current system you spend building your own cage. You can never stop something you spend all your time building.  
What is wrong with my society, my life is great and you are crazy!
Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.
If you travel every year between two homes in two parts of the world, a short time after you get to your new home you become accustom to it. If one home is in New York and another in an impoverished town in South America, you know there is a difference between New York life and that of a poor village, but you still become accustom quickly to one or the other community and don’t want to leave.
People that live in slums become loyal to their slums and don’t want to leave. People will become accustom to any life you give them… just think of Eskimos. If they see greener grass, or shiny objects  they may want that but they still feel loyal to their current socio / economic  context.
So what is the problem?
You take something away and eventually you don’t miss it. Freedom and culture is removed from you in increments and you don’t miss it. We could have been so much better and if we continue and don’t do something about this it will get worse.
We have done this since the start of the industrial revolution, we have traded ourselves, shiny beads, for culture and worked ourselves into a new dark ages.  We diminished ourselves, what we believed to be the white man’s burden,  the good of the empire, and for the price of cheap underwear we have destroyed hope of freedom and abolished our culture. We created an economic platform that is based on abuse. Not only abuse a of textile workers in Asia, but the same economic system has pillaged our own people, we live lives that are a constant effort to cheat each other.
We then simply become accustom to our conditions and we think this is normal and good.      
Even worse we don’t even recognize that the system is like this for only one reason, to exert dominion over the individual. To create an Orwellian world where a few people can control and profit from the population at large. You can’t see it, you like it, and will defend it!
You have forgotten the alternative, the green grass and sunshine was taken away from you and you don’t miss it. As in Plato’s cave you will kill anyone that comes to tell you that you can unchain yourself and have a better life. You think this life you live is normal and good, and will defend it no matter how wrong  it may be.
Let me tell you what you are missing.
Ignorance and pride is what we have - truth and reason is what we are missing. The vast majority of us are no different than the child that made our underwear,  we only have shinier and bigger things we work for.               
There was a time when we all wore handmade clothes, made by a neighbor tailor shop. When I was a 10 year old child there was a drug store at the corner of my street, with a soda fountain, with a pharmacist that owned it. I could ride my bike from one end of town to the other and it was safe.
This sounds nice but it is far from the ideal, millenniums of years of dominion have lead us very far from what could have been an ideal human condition. If we can imagine rockets to the Moon and make it so why can we not imagine a utopia and build it. The reason is utopia will not serve the purpose of empire, of subjugating others, and the sole purpose of modern society, it’s philosophy, and economics is to subjugate the many for the few.
At one time there were towns where people made things for each other, each independent business and trade made the whole of a community. Take for instance the period just prior to the industrial revolution. The early 1700’s, think of how they lived, the clothing they wore, the furniture they made, and the music they listened to. Now think of how technology could have improved on this lifestyle over time if we had not taken all the craftsmen and put them in factories.
Take another for instance, the Amish. Look at how well they live, now add freedom to that way of life. They would add technology to how they do things and educate themselves a few steps beyond the Bible. What you would have is the Jeffersonian agrarian republic, with modern technology applied to it. Less manual labor needed, local production of goods, less transportation and more free time for esthetic values. More creativity, and a better educated society with more time for family, friends  and society.                 
It was of course the industrial revolution that made the giants of industry and destroyed the quality of our culture. A restart on the economics we apply to commerce is the only way there can be hope of avoiding the Orwellian civil state.   
Supply and demand and the invisible hand.       
1776 is an important year for America and for economics, this year is when the father of economics Adam Smith writes  The Wealth of Nations  and sets the tone for the capitalist markets that drive modern economics.
Self interest and greed is the “invisible hand”  and is used to capture the claim that individuals' efforts to maximize their own gains in a free market may benefit society, even if the ambitions have no benevolent intentions. Yes, it may benefit, but in fact is has created the destruction of our society.
1776 is a turning point, this is where the two roads diverged and all the difference was made.
It is the commencement of the industrial revolution, and we will see the start of the end of community, art, and human esthetic values.    
It will not be judgment day that will bring an invisible hand from heaven to save all the chosen and construct utopian Christendom. For the pious  Utopia can only come through Christ because it is in the word of Christ that the description of this utopia can be found. Still when and if Utopia will come, it will be at the hands of of both the Christians and non-Christians. For the non pious there is truth, and reason, Socrates says the gives us the same message as Christ without faith and by reason.  By their fruits, and through this  combination of reason and faith will the individuals of our world free its people from bondage and ignorance.      
Back to Christ, but don’t drink the Kool-Aid  
Socrates and the Greeks could not conceive of a God that could create something out of nothing, yet today the Western worlds’ God did just that. Evolution is accepted by all with the exception of the most ignorant. We have not only evolved since the Greeks but our evolution is bringing faith and reason together. The big bang is as close as you can get to something out of nothing.
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it    
Both the atheist  and the Christian are coming closer to each other than they recognize. For those that are pious, for gods sake be more reasonable. Leave gays alone, be more tolerant of others, love you neighbor if he is a sinner. For the atheists know that there is little difference between the philosophy of cynics, stoicism and Christianity... feel comfort that the number of Gods is now almost down to one. You would be well advised not to criticize the Christian, for your reason my turn to faith at a moments notice.          

"Exterminate all the brutes!"
This was the Nazi solution to the problem is simple and brutish.. and may become the solution again. Never forget we are a bad species, even your profits will tell you that. We are well prepared to once again put fellow men and women into sacrificial ovens to a deity of progress. A future house cleaning could well be in the cards once again.      
As with Kurtz, this is my submission to the International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs, that commissioned Kurtz to write. With this exception, I suggest we need not  "Exterminate all the brutes!", they will die off anyway.
Unlike Conrad's’ Kurtz submission, I will give you a solution, a concrete solution you can act upon now.
We need community, a restructure of economics, and education that is real and constant. Our love of money should replaced by other desires. For example knowledge, compassion, craft or art.
Style and peer pressure is everything! We could have an exclusive society where the people that like cheap shiny objects are outcasts and those that work to educate themselves or practice craft are given privilege. Economics based on the quality of the individual.
Below I submit the “how to” guide to the modern Jeffersonian agrarian republic
1. Find a location where there is need. It would not be a good test if you create this from a university campus where students and teachers already have education and wealth. West Georgia is a good place to start, lower income and education ratios, yet a good infrastructure.
2. Create this republic as a small community, but permit a broad participation. Use social media to create a platform for governance, where things are open to the public. Clear and open accounting will inevitably prevent bad elements from surfacing.
3. Start with a well located central location that can be the community hub. A commercial location where a variety of trades can be taught, and commerce conducted.
4. Finance the entire operation through a grassroots effort of donations, and community participation.
Start  building and creating a self subsisting commercial environment, a community that is well educated. Based this society on the precepts of the stoicism, Christianity, compassion, and reason.