Meditations Marcus Aurelius

17.42 Throw away your books

11. -22.47 You can leave life right no let that determine what you do and say and think. If the Gods exist then to abandon human beings is not frighting? the gods would never subject you to harm, and if they dont exist and dont care what happens to you what would be the point f living in a world without gods or providence 20.04 neither good nor bad

13. 25.20 Nothing is more pathetic tan people that run around in circles delving into things that lie beneath and conducting investigations into the souls of the people around them.
Never realizing that all you have to do is be attentive to the power inside you, and worship it sincerely. To worshipit is to kep it from being muddied in turmoil and to keep it from being aimless and dissatisfied with nature divine and human.
What is divine deserves our respect because it is good - What is human deserves our affection because it is like us and our pity too for its inability to tell good from bad as terrible a blindness as the kind that can not tell white from black.

14 The longest is as you can not loose the past or the future What would be the point of living in a world

16 - 27.16

29.38 nothing natural is evil