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God Is the Alpha and Omega

Pope Boniface VIII

Pope Boniface VIII, born Benedetto Caetani (c. 1235 – October 11, 1303) was Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 1294 to 1303. Today, Boniface VIII is probably best remembered for his feuds with Dante, who placed him in a circle of Hell in his Divina Commedia, and with King Philip IV of France.

Creation to Exodus

So, once upon a time.....

The Genome project tells us, that about 100 thousand years ago there was a group of about 10 thousand humans that lived in Africa. In Sudan near the headwaters of the Nile river, just South of where Egypt is today. They can tell from genetic markers that they migrated east from there and became the eastern races.

Trinity of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit

Trinity of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

I think that the basic concept here is that there are three equal parts to exhistance .... you in the soul... the Creator God and Jesus Christ the personification of God on earth. This is mostly a Greek, and  Roman concept and can not as a word "Trinity" be found in the Bible.  

Jesus Christ will say that it is not an equal relation... 

John 14:28

King James Version (KJV)


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