Søren Kierkegaard

Consider: The act instills in the adherents the willigness to sacrifice their children which is an excellent call for a mercenary soldier tribe.  


Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) wrote a series of essays in the last two years of his life that have been published as his Attack upon "Christendom. Christendom is the embodiment of the notion that the objectives of God are to be realized by an alliance between church and state.

Arthur Schopenhauer in The World as Will and Representation,

Arthur Schopenhauer

The Will, "The one eye of the world that looks out from every living creature".



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Bi-polar nature of suffering

The could there be a general trend in suffering as to one life where thare is some balance in suffering?

Naturaly a defence to suffering. Would a traumatized child lead to a less coompasionate nature and therefore a latter adulthood protected by its oun averous. And the reverse say a kind and loving childhood would leave by nature a child predesposed to kindness and compasion and leving it vunerable to social attack and poverty.
The mechanisme we use to impose balance is justice and punishment for the averous and uncompasionate.


william james

Emersonian idea , the universe has a devine soul of order, whitch is the same as in the soul of man ... no no no man has evil and good that can go beyond nature

Maybe we should  change the way we think of the word religion ... from an istitution created  to order our nature and belief designed to serve the aristocracy into the the sense that individualy we are of and for God.  


Platos Cave

The the Judeo/christian story in the place where Noah is said to have landed. From the peoples of the region surrounding Mount Ararat, in a time which is before Persia, would be the land of the Assyrians.  Not only is Noah depiected as coming from this religion but also Socrates. Alexander the Great, Macedonian, conquered the Greeks then Palestine, Egypt and Persia.  Persia was also the land of Mitani, Semitic lands where Noah came and Moses goes to.


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