This site began as a personal place to save information found on the web, and for the study of physics. I When I began to understand Georg Cantor, Alan Turing and what emergence from complexity says about entropy, It was impossible to say there was no God.
The website then turned into a study of religion.

The kingdom of God is in your midst

The Universe



God of the Gaps

What do a fiction writer and an astrophysicist have in common? Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser connect the dots between the cosmos, our minds, and all the ways we discover the story of where we came from.  Listen to the show

Brian Green Ted String Theory

Ted multi-universe

Chaitin, Digital Philosophy

Gregory Chaitin Lisbon, Portugal, 2004, about digital physics/philosophy, mathematics, mathematical logic, omega number etc.


Basic description... see antena below

Closer to Truth Shows


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