Pre History

description of 1250 to 1300

Genisis 3:19

Babylonian Creation (Enuma elish)

This tells of the creation of the world, and of Marduk's victory over Tiamat, and how it relates to him becoming king of the gods. This is then followed by an invocation to Marduk by his fifty names.

Please note the similarity of the 72 names of invocation by Kabbalists.

Eve and Isis

During the formative centuries of Christianity, the religion of Isis drew converts from every corner of the Roman Empire. In Italy itself, the Egyptian faith was a dominant force. At Pompeii, archaeological evidence reveals that Isis played a major role. In Rome, temples were built and obelisks erected in her honour. In Greece, traditional centres of worship in Delos, Delphi, and Eleusis were taken over by followers of Isis, and this occurred in northern Greece and Athens as well. Harbours of Isis were to be found on the Arabian Sea and the Black Sea.

Set vs Hours, Seth vs Cain

Central names of two creation stories of these religions of neighboring states. As Genesis tells the story, Seth which means “set in place of” Cain, is the replacement of Able. When Seth was 105 years old, his son Enosh was born and from him comes what is sometimes called “the godly line of Seth” that leads to Abraham.

Egyptian theology gives us Set as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris. Isis rebuilds Osiris to give birth to Horus. Set, what is Evil is then in a continuous battle with Horus.

One aspect of this website/book considers the Egyptian creation story and compares this to the formulation of Genesis and Exodus. If the line of  Abraham comes from Set, the Egyptians would make the comparison to Set. Horus would have been victorious in this battle by placing the people of Set/Seth in Canaan as the unknowing defenders of the Egyptian homeland.




Zep Tepi ("First Time") is a period in Ancient Egyptian beliefs.  It is the mythological golden age when the gods lived amongst humanity together with half-divine offspring of gods and humans.

Egyptian and Biblical Creation

Genesis... The Creation

See also Amun

Global cooling 100,000 years ago

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Global Warming 13,000 years ago

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