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This site see's religion as a part of social governance, and secrecy as an additional tool for the same.

Éliphas Lévi -- Eliphas Levi He also expressed his independence by leaving the Masonic lodge of the "Great Orient", believing that it was a form of modern secularization, where knowledge of the original meanings of symbols and rituals was lost. "I ceased being a freemason, at once, because the Freemasons, excommunicated by the Pope, did not believe in tolerating Catholicism."[2]

La Bible de la liberté [The Bible of Liberty].
Histoire de la magie [The History of Magic].

Adam Weishaupt

"Whoever does not close his ear to the lamentations of the miserable, nor his heart to gentle pity; whoever is the friend and brother of the unfortunate; whoever has a heart capable of love and friendship; whoever is steadfast in adversity, unwearied in the carrying out of whatever has been once engaged in, undaunted in the overcoming of difficulties; whoever does not mock and despise the weak; whose soul is susceptible of conceiving great designs, desirous of rising superior to all base motives, and of distinguishing himself by deeds of benevolence; whoever shuns idleness; whoever consider

"Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe" by physicist/mathematician/philosopher John Robison



The oldest and perhaps the purest form of Ancient Craft Masonry takes its name from the City of York, in the north of England.

What should I know before joining Freemasonry?

Joel Montgomery, Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Vandalia (2013-present)
Answered Feb 3, 2016
The Good

1599, the oldest Masonic lodge

By the late 1500s, there were at least 13 established lodges across Scotland, from Edinburgh to Perth. But it wasn’t until the turn of the 16th Century that those medieval guilds gained an institutional structure – the point which many consider to be the birth of modern Freemasonry.

The oldest minutes in the world, which date to January 1599, is from Lodge Aitchison’s Haven in East Lothian, Scotland, which closed in 1852. Just six months later, in July 1599, the lodge of Mary’s Chapel in Edinburgh started to keep minutes, too. As far as we can tell, there are no administrative records from England dating from this time.

The Secret War Inside Freemasonry

After years of extensive research and review, including infiltration into America's Fraternal Lodge systems 7 years of active membership in the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry, and 9 different esoteric orders-exclusive invitational groups like the Masonic Rosicrucians, and the Knight Masons, Frater X reveals for the first time in print the prosecution of a Secret War conducted within the ranks of the world's oldest and most powerful secret societies spanning the history of America, humanity, and beyond... Order this book at to directly support The Middle Chamber!


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