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Evil is a human construct

"The objective is not to establish law and order or the happiness of mankind, or to substitute good for evil but diametrically the opposite, mainly to produce anarchy and discontent of so potent a nature that the complementary forces to annihilate one another through the intensity of their friction." (unknown author of quote)   

Absurdity, but this quote describies the Sabbatean doctrine to bring forth the Messiah, and what secret societies at their core are all about, although most of them don't know this.

Jason Reza Jorjani - Zoroastrianism

Miracles - Could I offer you eternal life

The novo-dark age ... The loss of Craft

Who will make you a fine chest , table or chair ?  This question is sadly unanswered our society can no longer make such things. More importantly it no longer cares nor know the value of such things.  When we look into the lives of the Greeks and think fo potters making pots or sculptors sculpting we can ge some glimpse at what we have lost in todays way of life.

Evangelical on coincidences

Se also determinism, and   free will

You were only mentioned to me in passing. Yet, It has been in the back of my mind.  I understand we physically resemble each other and I too did not believe in God.
I began today trying to understand determinism, coincidences, and the Biblical understanding of it, and ended writing to someone I don’t know at all.


On the Pursuit of Happiness

Take the announcement made by Samuel Johnson, echoing Ecclesiastes, that no one could surely wish to be born, who had a chance to contemplate beforehand all the miseries that would await him in life. Today, in many societies, such a claim would be met with uncomprehending stares. People might disagree as fiercely as ever about what happiness is and about what factors make it more or less likely, but far fewer disagree about whether it is at least possible. — Sissela Bok


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