About historyreligionandtruth.com

Historyreligionandtruth.com is a website and project, to study the relationship between the physical and metaphysical in a rational and logical manner.

 Wittgenstein's Tractatus is introduced as the accepted approach to logic. It is determined that the nature of words create our logic, and limit our reality to what can be described by them. Reality, as we know it, expands as we add new words and concepts are defined and redefined. We are so limited in our vocabulary that we can only have a narrow view of reality, and the meaning behind the words that define God is therefore unknowable. 

Although God is unknowable, heaven is. Heaven is an idealized concept for human life and this can be discovered and put in place on earth for a limited time and then in space and is potentially eternal. Eternal life is in fact because of the limited permutations of a human being within an eternal reoccurrence.     

Our approach is to study what is knowable, for instance, the fact that we believe in God, along with a variety of other metaphysical​ concepts.

We know that what a civilization believe, is reflected in social behavior. What we believe affects us, what others believe affects us sometimes more. We also know what we believe comes from the combination of our human nature and the culture we come from.   

Because our belief has been based on primitive human aspects, we created an irrational religion, that has failed us. Regardless, in order to improve the situation, we can not abandon our religion, instead we must create an appropriate literal transition to a better path.

The concept of the Messiah is the ideal method for this transition.  

There is a possibility, that a logical argument can be constructed which would permit us to abandon our primitive ways. A belief system that is more aligned with current reasoning to be the foundation of a more civilized society.

Humans, as all life, is designed with a dual purpose. First, life takes basic elements of the universe to build ordered systems that can replicate, and these increase in complexity. Unless all life is extinguished, there is every reason to think this aspect is eternal.

Like the Demiurge, we may never know why we perform this task. 

Our second purpose is to ourselves, to develop an algorithm (instructions) for a civilized society, to define, and provide what Aristotle calls the "highest good," happiness.    

The task is an aesthetic formulation, to uncover the algorithm that produces the greatest good for all.

Since, all else varies depending on each individual, a set of instructions that works best would  be the only creation of man that is preserved.

The presentation is a series of videos, or chapters, that set up a basic argument, on the website historyreligionandtruth.com. The site provides the text of the video, with links to further define the argument, along with comment forums to suggest changes. 

The project is based on the Jewish, Christian and Islamic beliefs. Because these are religions that have a common root, they can be linked into one common transition for future use.

The transition that is hoped for, includes both the physical, and metaphysical. It is not sufficient to have a belief, if it is not accompanied with a physical reality. A sort of unification of the mystical, and concrete, that will put an end to hopeful prophetic solutions.        

The goal is not to purely make a theological, or social presentation, but to design, and build the structure which would provide the "highest good," happiness. 

The presentation, its concepts, and the aspects of the algorithm, require collaboration, and will change until properly defined. 

The algorithm is an aesthetic undertaking, which is derived from the human condition. For this reason, a consensus is required, to properly formulate the aspects of this algorithm.

 historyreligionandtruth.com is designed for wiki type collaboration.  

I pray you will participate, and assist with our work.

Thank you