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Historyreligionandtruth.com is a website and project, to study the relationship between the physical and metaphysical in a rational and logical manner.

Evil is a human construct

Without man there is no evil. No one thinks that a tiger eating a rabbit is evil, yet we all think your mother eating her sisters baby certainly is. 

Evil comes from our cultural understanding of words like greed, pride, prejudice,etc... It is a cultural choice, how a community defines,  and treats the subject provides the social outcome.  It is a relative personal choice we make which defines a value to the term. What is evil to one individual can be pleasure or justice, to another. 

Evolution, Biological... Cultural... Singularity

Unless you are a devout creationist,  you understand and accept the basic concepts of evolution, that nature produces biological change over time.

What most of us don't notice is that evolution is an underlying mechanical aspect of the universe which appears to behave like fractals creating order out of what appears to be the chaotic nature of matter.

Humans create culture, society, and technology, then we examine who we are, and the environment we exist in.

Complexity is evolution

The kingdom of God is in your midst

The Universe




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