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Evil is a human construct

"The objective is not to establish law and order or the happiness of mankind, or to substitute good for evil but diametrically the opposite, mainly to produce anarchy and discontent of so potent a nature that the complementary forces to annihilate one another through the intensity of their friction." (unknown author of quote)   

Absurdity, but this quote describies the Sabbatean doctrine to bring forth the Messiah, and what secret societies at their core are all about, although most of them don't know this.

Evolution, Biological... Cultural... Singularity

Unless you are a devout creationist,  you understand and accept the basic concepts of evolution, that nature produces biological change over time.

What most of us don't notice is that evolution is an underlying mechanical aspect of the universe which appears to behave like fractals creating order out of what appears to be the chaotic nature of matter.

Humans create culture, society, and technology, then we examine who we are, and the environment we exist in.

Richard Carrier - Mystery Cults 2019


Complexity is evolution


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