Truth, Education, Reason and Rational Economics.

The structure of a society is in it's economics. Current economic systems are based on covet and avarice behavior, pitting one person against the other in competition. 

Economics is an everyday occurrence, we allocate time and effort to get the things we need. The worst elements of human condition are used to grow the economy. Greed, vanity, gluttony are the motive forces of the current system.  An economic system based on competition, of survival of the fittest, and we encourage it.
Communism the other system is worse, a command system forced on people by an oppressive government.
What we call competition is a simple adaptation of the system provided for by nature. Therefore a free society will behave as it would naturally in the wild. Sexuality leaves an animal no other choice but compete with his brother, to kill the other if need be. There is no reason why this must be true for humans as well. In theory humans have free will, creativity, and an intellect. 
The solution is found in new technologies, similar to this wiki. Technology that provides a mechanism for open collaborative management of economic systems.
Free market capitalism, corporations whose investors operate within an open collaborative framework dedicated to the task social benefit, as well as profit.
Over time technology has increased production and reduced the amount of work needed to provide goods and services. The unfortunate case is that the advantages technology provides is taken away by an economic system that extracts wealth from the many, to give to the few. It is simply the nature of competition to win and keep winning till you have all there is. Our system of governance and economics has become primitive.
We think we have benefited by the fact we have our goods made by an off shore slave class when in fact we have enslaved ourselves in so doing.
The simplest and most rational course is to bring the economy back home and governed by it's users. Collaborative, wiki tools can create community governance and make the economy a more local event.

Recreate the village economy, reduce desire through lifestyle choices and eliminate competition through these new collaborative tools.

We know that not all people are enlightened enough to function in an economy without competition, people will lie and steal to get what they want. To solve this problem we need education, and a belief system that is compatible. That is a nice wish, but to keep the bad apples out, technology can provide a better method. Accounting that can rate economic behaviors and provide for open economic justice.

The concept is simple, replace our notion of competition with collaboration then oversee the process online.

Create a network of people working a variety of business models using collaborative technology to build a community economy that mirrors' what our best abilities can imagine.