I have learned that what I believe evolves over time. When I began to understand Georg Cantor, Alan Turing and what emergence from complexity says about enthropy, I was forced to believe in God. The question became what was Gods intention.

The Platonic account of Sophia, the desire to know the unknowable, is us when we think of God.  Alan Turing said,  "We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done."   In this we are like the Demiurge, an architect building reality from a set of plans, thinking we are in control when in fact we are not capable of understanding this reality, or the complexity we call God.


Mary Moran 1973 essay

Creation, Gods, Goddesses, Lilith,

 Lilith, Mary, Sophia, Ishtar, Isis, Astarte or Aphrodite, Asherah, or Venus all represent the same. Rulers of the divine plaroma.

What is wrong with simply one God?

Valentinus, Irenaeus of Lyons

Kant, Schopenhauer, and the Problem of Evil


We are the cause of the problem.

We think we are more than animals, and have let the instincts of the jackal  drive our history.  Just like animals we compete for mates, we have built the fundamentals of economics, society and war on this basis.

Reason and rational thought is what separates us from animals, yet for most of our history we have not used these skills other than to take advantage of the other.  We have distorted our history in order to dominate over a servant class, to promote slavery.  

We act and live out our lives according to what we believe. Since our beliefs are based on false premises, we produce a dysfunctional society. If we correct this problem, all other problems will go away.

This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

It's my hope that this will be a true statement. That the world as we know it will end and a transformation so great occurs that the old world will be unrecognizable.

Permit me to play the oracle, Jesus Christ was correct the meek will inherit the earth.

Knowing what we know about human nature this information will construct a future that operates on altruism rather than greed.


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