Love your enemy

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. At the end of philosophy in 1921, it was the word that ended that long debate of things never understood.

The Kabbalist tradition forms it's incantations from the Ale-Bet, the Socratic dialog, we are words and more words, and this set is finite. What is the point of all the incantations, philosophy, or the visions of profits, if we do not function to the forms we profess.      

Evil, is but another word that has been with us from the beguing of time, with no real meaning. This word has only served as a fine garment for all the pointless acts of stupidity, and petty theft.       

Make wars to end wars, we are an absurd bad spcies. All that we wrongly call evil is the product of survival.  When the need for survival is no more, all we have left is the pointless desire to take something that is not ours. Because you are too, stupid, lazy or incompetent to provide for yourself. Because you are too insecure, and need to appear better than the other.      

If all conflicts are because someone wants something you have, simplicity this is the ideal method of conflict resolution.

Create a position of power, and then build an exclusive ideal world everyone wants to take away from you. 

From this position of power, give of yourself and require your enemy to accept your kindness. Spend the same amount of treasuer you would have used  to process war, in order to give a kindness. Send in specialized armed units that educate, and build your ideal worlds. Not financial aid, but people, and boots on the ground providing education, security, and kindness.

Recognize that all that you call evil comes from the fact you do not love the other. We were all made to live under the same God, who are you to judge others, if you fail to understand, love them.   

Lets take the worst case, the sociopath.  

In this individual has no empathy, is not well understood, and is not generally appreciated. They make good butchers, don't they!   The recognition that the medical profession came for the butchers trade will tell you that someone that is less emotionally affected by blood and human death has a valuable role in our land. Also the person that can stand on a hill and kill more people will in fact save the people that would not act in a time of war.

So how do you control the sociopath when there is no war? You recognize the person, and valued then as you would any other. You love what you thought was your enemy.  The sociopath no longer needs to hide, if hidden he would most certainly do you more harm.

Even the the sociopath will guide himself by the recognition that doing good has an economic and social value to him.    

Christianity is the primary wester religion and for the west, war is the result of Christianities failure. 

If given a choice between punishment, jail or war - vs - help, and kindfness, who could say no?    

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