The little book.

I must admit that this little book is poorly written, and that writing is not a talent of mine. The book is intended to be just a starter, and is offered to anyone for editing. This website is a  type of collaborative wiki-tool to define a belief based on reason, and corrected by peer review. This began as a private database or collection of notes to study physics, and there are still several pages that need editing.     
I changed the theme from physics to religion in 2004 when I concluded there must be a God. I then had to look into how to describe God, what we currently describe God to be. I noticed the story we have is full of holes. I don't think God makes mistakes, therefore we must have made mistakes in interpretation.   
The historical account starts by comparing the similarities between the creation accounts of the Egyptian religion and Genesis.
Then the biblical Moses is re-explained in view of the Hurrian or Hyksos exodus; giving the conclusion that the Jewish and Egyptian governance is somehow intertwined. 

Webmaster and Editor

I started this site as a private filing system for the study of physics, entropy in particular. That evolved into chaos theory, quantum mechanics, religion, and history. Then I wrote down what I had found in a small book.
I am attempting to build this site and present this book anonymously.  I have no expertise in history, or religion. I consider myself a Catholic and an unconventional Christian. 
The study of physics made me believe in God, not by faith, but by a proof that could not be denied. From that point I had to find out what religion was about, how religion was used to manipulate people and finally how religion had manipulated history. My belief in God is in flux, uncommon, and unimportant to the site.    

Comments appreciated - Contributor information is kept private.

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Absolutely, this site needs your thoughts and opinions. Vox Populi, Vox Dei, your ideas and experiences will better inform the content of this site. Faith and truth do not compete they are one and the same. Faith is how we think of the things that can not be absolutely proven, and when you think about it there is little that can be absolutely proven. Over time knowledge, and experience reduces our list of things we leave to faith, while at the same time new uncertainties are created.  
This website is a collaboration tool where people can build a common understanding based on the theme presented.

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