Emergence and Complexity

Evolution, Biological... Cultural... Singularity

Unless you are a devout creationist,  you understand and accept the basic concepts of evolution, that nature produces biological change over time.

What most of us don't notice is that evolution is an underlying mechanical aspect of our universe which appears to behave like fractals, creating order from the chaotic nature of entropy..

SCHOLARLY Aldous Huxley 1962 U.C. Berkeley Speech on “The Ultimate Revolution

Chemical Evolution


Complexity is evolution

Evolution to Christ

Marriage, Male and Female pre-conditions

Marriage is not natural to humans, it is a social norm created to produce more effective armies, to driven by the sexual doninace nature of primates. Consider the following fundamental motivations for marriage and then adapt a more reasonable solution this long established custom. We are at the top of the food chain, and must use our ability to reason, to overcome the animal like behaviors we still perpetuate.

The novo-dark age ... The loss of Craft

Who will make you a fine chest , table or chair ?  This question is sadly unanswered our society can no longer make such things. More importantly it no longer cares nor know the value of such things.  When we look into the lives of the Greeks and think fo potters making pots or sculptors sculpting we can ge some glimpse at what we have lost in todays way of life.

The "Turing" machine

This universe is finite, there is only one "now", and this "now" can not be changed. This makes your life eternal en relation to space time but not the universe. This concept of order from chaos is the information needed to create the universe we know from start to finish. We now know the universe began 14(+_) billion years ago, and we know that it will end by cooling down, falling into a black hole and moving away from itself. Although that end is a long way from now and a great deal of information will be created in the interim, but it will not be infinite. 

A universal "Turring" machine on the other hand would recreate an almost infinite amount of parallel universes. 

Genome project

DNA studies indicate that all modern humans share a common female ancestor who lived in Africa about 140,000 years ago, and all men share a common male ancestor who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago. These were not the only humans who lived in these eras, and the human genome still contains many genetic traits of their contemporaries. Humanity's most recent common ancestors are identifiable because their lineages have survived by chance in the special pieces of DNA that are passed down the gender lines nearly unaltered from one generation to the next. These ancestors are part of a growing body of fossil and DNA evidence indicating that modern humans arose in sub-Saharan Africa and began migrating, starting about 65,000 years ago, to populate first southern Asia, China, Java, and later Europe. Each of us living today has DNA that contains the story of our ancient ancestors' journeys.


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