Lost Years

Life of Saint Issa , Nicolas Notovitch

Notovitch claimed that the chief lama at Hemis told him of the existence of the work, which was read to him, through an interpreter, the somewhat detached verses of the Tibetan version of the "Life of Issa," which was said to have been translated from the Pali. Notovitch says that he himself afterward grouped the verses "in accordance with the requirements of the narrative." As published by Notovitch, the work consists of 244 short paragraphs, arranged in fourteen chapters.

Christian Timeline

Most information comes form wikipedia
 49 BC, with Caesar crossing the Rubicon and his invading legions sweeping down the peninsula, Pompey ordered the abandonment of Rome. His legions retreated south towards Brundisium, where Pompey intended to find renewed strength by waging war against Caesar in the East. In the process, neither Pompey nor the Senate thought of taking the vast treasury with them, probably thinking that Caesar would not dare take it for himself. It was left conveniently in the Temple of Saturn when Caesar and his forces entered Rome.

Last Glacial Maximum- around 20,000 years ago

Year One - 2000 + YEARS AGO...

You might say Jesus Christ was born in year one, but actually that would not be true. In history, besides Josephus, and the gospels which were written much later, there are no historical records of the birth or existence of Jesus Christ, there is no clear date or record of his birth or death.

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