Evil is a human construct

Without man there is no evil. No one thinks that a tiger eating a rabbit is evil, yet we all think your mother eating her sisters baby certainly is. 

Evil comes from our cultural understanding of words like greed, pride, prejudice,etc... It is a cultural choice, how a community defines,  and treats the subject provides the social outcome.  It is a relative personal choice we make which defines a value to the term. What is evil to one individual can be pleasure or justice, to another. 

If within us is the ability to cause evil, there is also within us, the ability of eliminating it.

If you have a dualist view of God, then you believe in two Gods of one good, and one evil, similar to the Persian, Zoroastrian view of Ahura Mazda and his adversary Angra Mainyu.  You might not see God as the all powerful flawless creator of the universe, therefore you permit evil by your belief.  Evil has nothing to do with God, it is a human creation, and the product of ignorance, and abuse. 

We forget we are hairless apes. 

In western religion, the root of evil  is understood as the fall of man or original sin. The fulfillment of temptation via the  eating of the tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil". 

To attempt to understand evil in a religious context, is as absurd as understanding physics from fairy tails.  

Evil is a value judgment we make personally, or as a society. This is also true of morals, as this concept is flexible, and relative to the particular society you are concerned with. 

Since evil has nothing to do with God, we should stop asking God for a remedy. If evil is of concern, we should take steps to correct the flaws in society. 

Clearly "evil" is a problem, it is a task to be done, a repair that needs attention. As with all tasks that we have ever undertaken, the primary factors for success are will, and knowledge.

Western religion is a form of mind control in order to reach into your pocket, a method of willing enslavement. In order to enslave others, It would be reasonable to provide a religion that proclaims freedom, and that knowledge is bad for you. Quite the opposite, truth is knowledge, and the truth will set you free.       

Evil is the different shades of repression of the human spirit. Try an experiment -  take a child, torture and abuse him or her, then see if the result resembles evil.    

 “You made me.”  Charles Manson

Do the same to a society and you will have  the same result. 

In summary: Evil is of concern -  because we need it to create fear in the people we enslave, there is no will to eliminate it, and we are too stupid to do the repair work.    

"The evil that is in the world almost always comes from ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding."