Evil is a human construct

"The objective is not to establish law and order or the happiness of mankind, or to substitute good for evil but diametrically the opposite, mainly to produce anarchy and discontent of so potent a nature that the complementary forces to annihilate one another through the intensity of their friction." (quote from unknown author)   


1.  Belief is based only through Jesus Christ, a process that requires the BIble to understand the word of God and a personal relation with Christ to define what is the proper way when faced with contradictions.  
2. Truth, to come as close as possible to what is true 
3. Salvation is made on this earth, although its is not founded in your good deeds, the quality of eternal life is directly related to behavior.


On the Pursuit of Happiness

Take the announcement made by Samuel Johnson, echoing Ecclesiastes, that no one could surely wish to be born, who had a chance to contemplate beforehand all the miseries that would await him in life. Today, in many societies, such a claim would be met with uncomprehending stares. People might disagree as fiercely as ever about what happiness is and about what factors make it more or less likely, but far fewer disagree about whether it is at least possible. — Sissela Bok


If morality is a natural feature of society, should we not give it a great deal of examination?

Several themes, such as the incorrectness of murder, are part of all societies. There is a variety of differences in the values held by separate societies. It is in these differences, and/or lack of knowing/understanding of the correct ethical construct that we find the conflicts in our human history.

Normative Ethical Principles and Theories: A Brief Overview

Introduction to Ethics



we hate each other

Put it off for as long as possible.

Financial unit for family construction



June 23, 1998

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Transcript

David Gergen engages Sissela Bok, a fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, author of "Mayhem: Violence as Public Entertainment."

DAVID GERGEN: Sissela, you begin your book on violence on television by talking about the gladiators in Rome.

Lying or Trust

Trust, Paul Zak  the rate of poverty and wealth is directly related to the trust we have between each other.   Trust is the big gun ecomonist are looking for,  it is the one variable that captures if things are going good or bad.  It is trust in other people that traslates into how well our govenment will work
All desicions are economic, should you marry girl a or girl b, should I have one or two children, fundamentally all economics  is about evaluating desicions.     
In societies wher trust is high then we have quicker and functional trans actions.

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