The most successful Jewish Minyan of all time, which will reconcile with Israel under Mashiach

History of Christianity


We can know Christianity best when seen in a historical perspective.  We too know ourselves when we understand our history. It would stand that through a combination of  Biblical understanding and Historical/Archeological knowledge we would come closer to the truth.

Recently findings at   Göbekli Tepe suggest that religion came first and possibly was the cause of civilization. The location of this site is near the geographical birth place of Abraham. Here are found the first Temples build by Neolithic man.



De Principiis (Origen)

"In Your light we shall see light"; i.e., in Your word and wisdom which is Your Son, in Himself we shall see You the Father. Because He is called light, shall He be supposed to have any resemblance to the light of the sun? Or how should there be the slightest ground for imagining, that from that corporeal light any one could derive the cause of knowledge, and come to the understanding of the truth?

The Body of God


La venida del Mesías en Gloria y Majestad (1826)

Evangelical Christians in the USA | DW Documentary


Romans 13, Presbyterian footing of democracy

I came to the Presbyterian Church while I was involved in local politics, the pastor printed out a statement to all that we should follow Romans 13, and stay out of politics.
In 69 AD, Vespasian,takes control of Rome after the subjugation of the Jews in the Great Jewish Revolt. During this time he became the patron of Flavius Josephus, a Jewish resistance leader captured at the Siege of Yodfat, who would later write his people's history in Greek.


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